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5 main tips for your indoor voice training (for beginners only)



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5 main tips for your indoor voice training (for beginners only)

Can you imagine a world without music?? There will be no balance at all. The world will loose it course. Music heals the soul, music helps to overcome depression, music is everything. Training of voice requires dedication and hardwork. You want to be a good singer but your voice discourages and shatters your dreams. In this piece of writing, i will be giving you five tips on how to train your voice and be that professional singer you always dreamt of.

1. Learn and control how you inhale and exhale oxygen

This is the first major tip one have to take when training a voice. Taking your leisure time to learn how to control how you breath. Always take a deep breath-in with your shoulders and chest raised up and breath-out swiftly when letting the oxygen out. When breathing in, make sure you open your mouth widely to make that “AHH” sound and when breathing out, try to make the “OH” sound. Do this consistently for a start because your voice is what needs to be controlled by you.

2. Don’t smoke

If you are that smoker that can’t give up the habit, i think this is the major step you have to take about being a professional singer or your dream of singing in public. Give up smoking because smoking affects the lungs which is a vital organ for your vocal activity.

3. Always drink water

Constant hydration is much needed for keeping the vocal strings in good condition. Always drink enough water frequently, because constant water passing through the vocal cord doesn’t neccessarily add energy to it but acts like a lubricant e.g a door-hinge needs greese for better functioning.

4. Avoid shouting and yelling too much

Stressing the voice is not a good start for a beginner. Always avoid loud argument with friends, avoid screaming loud when watching a football match. To keep the voice in a good shape, you have to monitor and control yourself when you think you are shouting too much.

5. Search for your singing taste

Originality is what the world need from singers and starters like you. You have to know what singing style you have to keep up to. You can’t copy other singers because they are your favorite..NO! You have to know when you hit your highest pitch, volume and tone and also master how you can sing. You don’t just hit a particular tone because your favorite singer does that. The bottom line is.. Don’t mimic!


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