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How can upcoming artiste get a quality song and video to hit the music industry??



How can upcoming artiste get a quality song and video to hit the music industry??

How can upcoming artiste get a quality song and video to hit the music industry??

Everybody wants to “Blow”, everybody wants to sign autograph, everybody wants to go on music tour, everybody wants to be a celebrity but the solution/answer to this most frequent trend is enough dedication and hardwork. Most upcoming musicians find it difficult to get signed by a record label or atleast “Blow” to some extent in the area where they were known but not because they aren’t talented or aren’t doing the right thing but there are some certain issues that needs to be fixed. Without getting recognition for your art you do well, is really bad and that can be depressing and at the end of the day, all the blames will be on their “village people” which i think they are been accused wrongly. In this article, i’m going to show upcoming artiste simple steps on how to improve music art in other to hit the music industry and get relevants in the society with or without the celebrity tag.


Firstly, you are talented or maybe you discovered you can sing. Not every good singer is a good songwriter, most successful artiste today like Drake buys songs from songwriters with a copyright license and that doesn’t mean he can’t write a song. The thing is, if you can afford a songwriter then it is fine but if you can’t, try and write your own song. Choose a genre and write a good song, getting a quality songs starts from writing a good song. Writing a song is the first step one can take in getting a quality song.


After writing a good song, you hit a quality music producer. What comes to people’s mind is.. How can i get a good music producer on a cheaper rate?? The truth is, nothing good comes easy. You might actually have a friend that can produce quality music instrumentals with his or her laptop but doesn’t own a complete music studio, you are still safe. The major thing is knowing what a quality music instrumental is. After production, take the beats home and rehearse with it on your leisure time i.e master the art and then hit a complete music studio. Don’t let no one discourage you from your dreams. You can still get a complete music studio cheaply, it all depends. Nobody wants to listen to a song that lacks quality, it is the truth. The mixing and mastering of the song should be on point and very dope.


After recording, take some samples to most of your friends that are music freaks to criticize for you. Nobody is perfect, you are talented and everything you do is based on your talent but you still need guidelines because you are still developing and not a finished products. People will guide you on it to check if the song is too harsh or mild to the ear. They are the listeners and you did the song for them to vibe to it.


After critics and everything has been resolved to your taste and the taste of few audience, promote the song. Promotion is the major challenges upcoming singers face in the music business because it costs alot but you can promote all by yourself without spending toomuch on it. Meet music bloggers, i don’t mean music bloggers like Naijaloaded or Tooxclusive that are very expensive but choose a low budget music blogger. The aim of you visiting a music blogger is to get the song on the internet and getting a link for it which is the most important thing an upcoming artiste needs to know. Create a youtube account, create a normal video of the song showing people vibing to it, and then upload. Share your song link you created with blogger on different social media platforms like twitter, instagram and facebook. Like they are all free and social media doesn’t charge for that except you want to pay for ads and the rest. Check for people responses because what Mr A likes and Mr B doesn’t like is still a NO NO. Mr A and Mr B must like the musical art very much. If it doesn’t go well, record a new song and do the same process till you get that good responses from Mr A and Mr B. On Instagram, record a video of you vibing to the song and tag most of this celebrities. Don’t backdown, always tag them till you get a response.. you might get signed who knows. If you know any social media influencer on instagram or twitter with plenty of followers, that means you are one step ahead of some upcoming artiste. Influencers helps alot. Also upload your songs to an oline streaming platform like Soundcloud, Audiomack, Itunes, Spotify and even Boomplay, online streaming helps too.

Visit a radio station and pay for your song to be aired, tell the OAP to hype you when playing your song because OAPs can help too. you can also see a Disc Jockey for them to include your song in their monthly or yearly mix. It doesn’t cost much but it isn’t a must if you can’t afford them though.


Music videos helps alot too but you must have enough cash for quality videos. If you can’t afford a video coverage for your music then no need to worry. You can still “blow” without a video. Just try and meet most of these instagram influencers or better still, you can meet instagram comedians to use your quality song when shooting/producing their comedy skit. No worries if you can’t afford any of these.


Attending free shows means you are not getting paid after performing your song in a show. You want to perform your song for people not that they called you for performance…that will be your target. Attending free shows is also another form of promotion but also include a good performance with a live singing or mimic your song and dance in a good way. A manager or a music director might like your song in the show and recommend you to a record label, nobody knows where help comes from this days.

Go and explore, you have what it takes to make it in the music industry. Don’t give up, Don’t quit. If your friends mocks you that you make wack music, still don’t quit… just be better and they will dance to your music. I hope this article will be useful and helpful to upcoming music artiste that haven’t made a name yet for themselves.

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