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Naika – My Body, My Choice



Naika – My Body, My Choice

Another breakthrough sound is here and its no other person but American singer and rapper Naika tagged as “My Body, My Choice.”

Apparently, the song “My Body, My Choice” by Naika is currently on the rise in the African continent with clear advocacy on the female body. Its purely dedicated to the ones whom are often body-shamed, the ones who aren’t proud of their body and the ones who are clearly bullied vocally because of the shape of their body.

Well, Naika is one of the few international singers that speaks about the happenings in the society. She is a rare gem in the industry and she has many things to achieve. “My Body, My Choice” serves as an preview of what we should be expecting from her in the coming weeks. TikTok Nigeria has embraced the sound and its becoming one of the most used sounds on social media.

Let’s talk a little about the singer and lyricist – 2018 saw the introduction of Naika’s first track “Ride.” She received her music degree from Boston’s Berklee College of Music, and in 2015, as a composer, she came in second place for the BMI John Lennon Foundation Scholarship.

In addition, Naika is of Haitian and French heritage. In March 2019, she shared a video of herself and her mother on Instagram and they both had a similar resemblance. She is here for global reach and this sound is making it easy for her. Music production was made easy by talented sound engineer Cody Tarpley with songwriting credits to Alida Garpestad Peck, Cody Tarpley and Naika.

“My Body, My Choice” has some catchy lyrics like:

My body? We really talking ’bout my body?
My body? What to do with my body? Heh

One time, rewind, must’ve not heard this shit right
Mind your business not mine, this is my body!

Who are you?
Hop off my back
Check your moves!
I don’t know you like that
All I know is I carry the world on my shoulders
And who are you? Tell me that

Oh, you don’t know what you’ve done
Poking at a tigress that’s already provoked
No, chéri no
You don’t know what you’ve done
Disrespected her highness while stepping in her temple oh

Listen to “My Body, My Choice” by Naika below.


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