Rundown Spaz – First Day Out Freestyle

First Day Out Freestyle Song by Rundown Spaz Mp3 Download

Rundown Spaz – First Day Out Freestyle
Rundown Spaz – First Day Out Freestyle

We’d like to introduce you to the immensely talented American rapper and artist known as Rundown Spaz, who has dropped the stunning new song “First Day Out (Freestyle)”. For any fan of hip-hop or rap music, this song is a must-listen since it allows Rundown Spaz to display his extraordinary talents and distinctive style.

The song “First Day Out (Freestyle)” will have you fascinated from the first listen thanks to its upbeat beat and stirring lyrics. His ability to convey a tale through his music is extremely astounding, and Rundown Spaz has a flow that is effortless and fluid.

Look no farther than this outstanding track if you’re searching for a new song to add to your playlist. No matter if you’ve been a longtime admirer of Rundown Spaz or are only now getting into his music for the first time, you won’t be disappointed by what you hear.

Quotable lyrics:

Long live G
Fuck the peace, nigga
Only the E’s (yeah, yeah)
Ayy, we ride when we sleep, for sure
Let’s go
Ain’t no more, “Free Spaz, ” nigga (go)
Ayy (go), the real Spaz, nigga (go)
Long live G, long live G
Let’s go (go), let’s go (go)
Big ass Glock and it came with a switch (switch)
Nigga dissin’ on Mac get left in a ditch (get left in a ditch)
7.62 that’ll go through the bricks
But, I’m bustin’ the Glock when I go on a hit
I’m smokin’ on Ace, gettin’ tired of this nigga
Tell his big brother, “Come slide for this nigga”
Bitch, I’m tryna sin, and this shit here on Christian
You fuck with the opps, you can die with them niggas
Send my lil’ ho, get the drop on them niggas
Just like a picture, I’m croppin’ a nigga
I just came home from a two-year sentence
I don’t give a fuck, ain’t no stoppin’ me, nigga
Slide on the North and drop me a nigga
I’m droppin’ yo’ sister if that lil’ ho with ya
Free Draco, ’cause when he get out
I’ma slide with a fully and drop the lil’ nigga (brrt-brrt, baow)

Listen below.


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