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After NYSC, what NEXT?



After NYSC, what NEXT?

After NYSC, what NEXT?

All Corp Members ask this question immediately after their passing out parade. It is very certain that after you pass out, you must face the world and show them what you have. Nigeria’s unemployment rate over the past few years is so discouraging as we have over 2 million graduates roaming the streets. After every 3 or 4 months, new numbers of Nigerian youth are discharged from their compulsory one year service scheme, adding up to the large numbers of youth we have roaming the streets. In this article, i’m going to give you guide on how to survive after NYSC with or without white caller job.

1. Learn a skill

At this point in your life, you have limited savings from your major monthly N33,000 alawee, though there are expenses you have to make like transportation back to your home and settling all your debts for those who collected many stuffs on credit during your service year. Getting a good handwork can sustain any living soul on earth. Here, you are the boss of your own, you don’t need employment. All you need is hard work and dedication. Before you hit the white caller job, learn handwork like mechanic, hair dressers, plumbers and even generator repairers. Most of you will say “How can i do this kind of work?? i’m a graduate for crying out loud” but that’s not the case right now, you only need to survive. Others might be blessed and be born with a “Silver Spoon”, not everybody has the same destiny. You are just there, learn how to survive first and i bet you when that dream job comes, it won’t be a problem at all.

2. Submit applications earlier

Don’t wait immediately after your passing out parade before you starts submitting your CV online. Submit earlier because most of these jobs takes time for you to be called for interview. Register with most of all these job online blogs like Jobberman and Hot Naija Jobs and subscribe your email with them to get job alert from different part of the country. Act fast while you still serve, you might be called up for interview during your service year and get employed after your service. It all depends on how you play your cards.

3. Look for menial job

I know you will think about getting ridiculed in the society because you are a graduate and graduates needs a well pay job in other to justify their 4 or 5 years in school. Most of our young graduates involving in cyber crime these days doesn’t mean they can’t get a smaller job that can sustain them till the right job calls but are impatient in making money so fast. I’m not saying you should get involved with cyber crimes (Don’t get me wrong), take smaller jobs, the chances of you getting a menial job is so high as a graduate. Menial jobs are temporary in other to keep yourself busy without been idle. Don’t be shy when working as a bet9ja salesperson or a marketer for a particular product, remember that is not your target but a phase that will soon come to past.

4. Start up a smaller business/trade

Most of the biggest billionaires we have didn’t just become a billionaire overnight, they all started from somewhere. A successful igbo business man will tell you he started with capital for as low as 10k or 15k not because they are blabbing but telling you the truth. If you can start selling up cloths and shoes in popular market in your area, there is a high chance of you succeeding in the market industry. Create your own business brand like a clothing line, start supplying clothes and getting enough clients to buy your materials. Your uncle or your aunty out there might not want you to succeed, just be independent and don’t beg anyone for money because you can succeed without them.



5. Take professional course

Your certificate might not be enough for you to get a particular job in your field of study. I know you must have been seeing most of these guys coming to your CDS Groups, advertising their professional course with an attractive discounts. Don’t ignore them because professional course like Human Resource Management, Project Management and so on are sometimes required for a little skill on it for a particular job. It is never late because if you don’t have time to take a professional course, you can still take it online. We have so many online courses from edx, udemy with an original certificate. Online courses means you can take it anytime on your free/leisure period.

6. Look and apply for internship programs

What will see most times is internship and not the actual job when applying for a good job because these companies trust their own. They want to train you by themselves and doesn’t even care about your degree you laboured hard for 4 or 5 years. Internships are great because you are not a full staff yet, your aim is to get that skill from the company and most times they retain you after training. Some of these big oil companies you see nowadays like Shell or Schlumberger don’t employ with less years experience, they employ individuals with many years experience, that’s why most of them retain their own interns if they can’t get the years experience requirement they are looking for outside. Enroll for internships, they actually pay you little which will later pay off if you can get the actual job.



7. Look for scholarships abroad and further your academics

Scholarship this days are hard to come by but the truth is, if you truly want to further your education which is a boost to your academic backgroung, is a good foundation for securing a good job outside. There are so many scholarships to study in Canada and most of the English speaking country in Europe and America and actually be their citizens. If you want to secure a scholarship outside Nigeria, try and enroll for IELTS and TOEFL english test first. Having passed one of those English test is a big boost for you to secure admission outside Nigeria. It is not as hectic as the Nigeria’s JAMB system. Search for scholarships online and apply. That will actually help you in securing high paid jobs after getting their international certificates.

This is not the time to be depressed or over thinking on what to do with your life after your NYSC year. It is your sole responsibility to make it in life. Don’t procrastinate, just get up and start-up something for yourself. I hope this article will be helpful to you after your POP.

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