ROSES OF BLOOD by Anisere Akinade

ROSES OF BLOOD by Anisere Akinade
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With the recent unending catastrophes hovering around the country, it is convincing to say, without any doubt that you are responsible for your own security.

Nigeria have become a playground for vampires who are literally wired to resist the burns of the supposedly scorching sun of the mornings and afternoons. The scorching sun here, for the purpose of clarity, are the three tiers of government, and of course, all federal security agencies, whom unfortunately have become clueless on the affairs of the nation in all entirety.

Now, these blood thirsty vampires are not invisible, no, they are not spirits and do not possess any form of divinity. They are mere mortals who are susceptible to ageing and death, dressed in the regalia of inhumane qualities, of violence, cannibalism, and all manners of questionable insanity. They were first humans, then lost it to become touted, cultists, bandits, terrorists then vagabonds, and are majorly the everyday products of either political or religion brainwashing.

The Nigeria soil is soaked with blood, so that whenever the wind blows, there’s a stench of blood. They are the blood of the innocent, the blood of school children, travelers, worshipers, traders helpless villager and so on.

It is saddening that a 21st century Nigeria can not effect a reliable security mechanism across the country to protect the common man, but expertise in safeguarding the life and properties of dunderheaded politicians.

It is alarming that a human being is stoned, and burnt to death as a result of blasphemy in a learning institution. It is worrisome that a train was attacked and after several months, the victims of the attack are still being held captive while some are already confirmed dead. It is heartbreaking that a worship center is attacked in a broad daylight, an action which have thrown several families into a deep sea of bitterness that flows endlessly all across the spine, without any traces of the perpetrators.

It is disheartening that some self acclaimed Indigenous People of Biafra have taken over the streets in the East and are killing their own brothers and sisters who refused to share in the same political or whatsoever sentiment. It is sickening that a certain group of Fulani herdsmen have abandoned their profitable farming businesses to participate in an unrewarding killing mercenaries.

All of these are a great height of sympathetic situations. Meanwhile, the best our politicians can do is to become pretentious in solicitude, by consistently using the same phrase of “we condemn the killings” and donating stolen funds to affected persons or to the families of the deceased.

In as much as I’ll love to be positive, it is sad to say that from a critical observation and with all honesty, the worse is yet to happen. The country is likely to experience a holocaust, if not managed properly. The security system of the country is in an epileptic state, and as such, it is deem necessary for every Nigerian to be security conscious at every split seconds.

Prioritize your outings, avoid keeping late nights, avoid crowded areas at all costs, avoid night travels, unless in cases of emergency, provide adequate information on your whereabouts to families and trusted persons, and fight back in the case where situation is life threatening. That is legally termed as self defense.

It is also ideal for Churches, Mosques Schools, hospitals, and all other organizations to install CCTV at strategic areas around buildings However, this does not in anyway guarantee safety, but can possibly reduce the impact of attacks and assist in exposing the identities of the attackers.

Take your self security very seriously, and lastly, get your PVC and be wise while using it. May Nigeria never happen to you.


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  1. This piece captures every bits and pieces of what Nigeria faces at the moment. I wanna add, let’s not forget to commit ourselves to God as well. Wether Muslim or Christian, never forget the place of prayer. Nice one Akin👍

  2. This is a brilliant piece that captures every bit and pieces of the decadence in Nigeria. I’ll love to add that as Muslim/Christian we should always pray to God almighty. Nice 👍 one Akin

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