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Freestyle rap and freestyling in general involves a lot more than just putting in words that rhyme together in a sentence.

It involves years of painstaking practice in order for the MC to truly express his or her thoughts, feelings, opinions and emotions in a way that rhymes but is still melodious, audible, comprehensible and pleasing to the listener, whilst still adhering to certain artistic and musical laws.

It requires a complete mastery of ones thought to speech process. A freestyler must posses a very loose tongue and must very rarely ever get tongue tied. In order words, before attempting a freestyle you ought to be able to put your thoughts into audible, comprehensible and melodious words in time quick enough that your words still match the musical tempo of the beat or instrumental which you are freestyling to.

A good freestyle MC must memorize the proper pronunciation and meaning of a plathera of words by heart, think of it like a game, only in this particular game the more words you know and can include into your rap freestyles the more you level up the better you’re going to be as a freestyle MC.

This of course just covers the theoretical and vocabulary related aspects of freestyling, being a rapper and a freestyle MC myself, i have personally always believed that more of an emphasis should be placed on the need to master the artistic and abstract aspects of freestyling because they are the aspects which one can only learn from and by his or her self,this part cannot really be imparted by another.



This is the piece of his or her soul which an artist imbues into each piece of his artwork, this aspect of freestyle rap has to do with expressing ones self in an artistic manner, it involves the use of intricate word play and metaphorical sentences known more commonly as punchlines to express or pass across certain information during your freestyle.

Lastly, the most important thing to remember about freestyle rap and musical freestyling in general is to always do it for the right reasons, freestyling must never be forced, you shouldn’t do it for “clout”, do it because you are passionate about it, do it because you enjoy it, because it helps you feel better when you’ve had a bad day and always remember to have fun with it.

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