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Watch Your Circle



Watch Your Circle

Watch Your Circle

There’s every possibility that in a circle of friends there could be a rapist or two, and even more, so we need to start examining thoroughly the people in our circle by calculating their harmful motive and false pretence towards the female gender from their speech, likes, hobbies, character, action and whatever it is they prioritize on their scale of preference, because there are hidden messages beneath all of those and we must begin to decode them to avoid grievous damage.

It is very important as men to take upon ourselves the responsibility of cautioning every derogatory comments and unhealthy actions made towards the female gender either in the form of jokes or intentional by the people in our circle, so as to change the perspective and narrative of thoughts in which the female gender is regarded in the society. We should learn to understand vastly the concept of mutual consent and the penalties of forceful sex and never hesitate to indoctrinate every person in your circle.

It is quite unfortunate that the society now breeds young men whom are emotionally awkward, sentimental and disparaging, perhaps as a result of improper parental upbringing and of course bad influence resulting from the activities of the media. The society have lost its social ethics and thereby creating an unhealthy environment for opposite gender integration. This is very disturbing and alarming as corrective measures are not being put in place to curb this seemingly unending social menace.

The law institution is not serving its purpose , and no effort is being put in place to reconstruct it, and thereby making it constitutionally unreliable. The religion and academic institutions are no longer a safe place. In fact, there are no restricted areas for Rapists anymore as they now carry out their heinous act at freewill.

We need to be very vigilant and sensitive about our immediate environment, we should always expose any suspicious person to the general public or authorities. Do not hide a rapist under your roof, do not accommodate a rapist in your circle or squad.

I hope that every rape victim heal quickly and find peace, and I hope that all the culprits meet their doom very shortly.


@Akinade Calcox.

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