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What a Podcast is and Why You Should Listen to This One



What a Podcast is and Why You Should Listen to This One

Many times I’ve tried to get people to listen to my podcast, and all the time they’ve asked me,

What is a Podcast? (I’m sure you’re probably wondering the same now)

Here’s how I explain it

Me: You know YouTube, right?

People: Yes

Me: Good! Podcast is like YouTube but without the video

People: Ok…? ** Confused face **

Me: Ok… let’s go this way. You know how YouTube is On-demand diverse video content (from movies to series to tutorials to games) that you can access anytime as opposed to television that you are bound to watch whatever is being aired at the time you put on the TV.

Now podcast is the audio equivalent. On-demand diverse audio content that you have access to 24/7 and you can choose whatever show you want to listen to at any point as opposed to radio shows that have specific times and days to be aired.

There are Tech, Art, Comedy, Fiction, Business, Education and Personal Journal podcasts (just like mine).

Podcasts are convenient and easy to consume. They allow you to multitask. You can listen while doing a chore, taking a walk, driving or exercising. You will discover great new shows and amazing podcast hosts. You can always go back and re-listen to your favourite episodes or even download for offline.

There are numerous podcast listening podcasts like Anchor, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple podcasts, Jamit, Audiomack, Deezer, Goodpods, Podroom, Radiopublic.

Did I mention that just like YouTubers, podcasters are able to earn money either directly through ads and sponsorship or indirectly, by selling merch, selling courses on podcasting or doing paid voiceover jobs

The beauty and benefits that come with podcasts are limitless.

I think people, especially you reading this, should listen to podcasts more. I particularly think you’ll enjoy my podcast, My name is Toby.

It’s a very interesting, chill out, laid back, storytelling (gist, if you may), relatable podcast where I share personal experiences, my thoughts and opinions on life. It’s a space where I am myself wholly and unapologetically. My goal is for you to first be entertained by my weirdly interesting, slightly amusing stories and then be inspired/”gingered” to be yourself unapologetically, your full self, the true you that no one else in the world can be.

What are you waiting for???

Plug into My name is Toby podcast
type in My name is Toby on any podcast app/website.

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