Facts about Footballing career (upcoming footballers only)

Facts about Footballing career (upcoming footballers only)

Facts about Footballing career (upcoming footballers only)

Looking at the most successful footballers in the world with the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Harry Kane and so on, one needs to know how to succeed as a footballer. There’s a talent you have but you are just known as a good footballer in your area and in your local community. You play local football in your community and participate in major competitions but that is not enough to sell out your craft. In this article, we will be discussing about playing football as a career path you would want to embark on.

1. Hardwork and dedication

A fact about former Real Madrid talisman, Cristiano Ronaldo is “Hardwork”. Cristiano Ronaldo’s physique speaks out loud when he plays football. Becoming a footballer requires fitness and high work rate, you can’t just sit and rely on the telent you have which doesn’t work always. Don’t worry about the playing, build yourself, create a fitness time-table and if possible hit the gym. It won’t cost you anything.

2. Play for free

Don’t play football to get paid, it is not a profession for you yet. Always play for fun and enjoy the best part of the game. Get involve in any footballing activities your local team does and most importantly, play your football anywhere like the street or your compound because that even gives more fun when you play outside the football pitch.

3. Take all football matches serious

Major competitions where you win the “most valuable player” award comes after several friendly matches and most of the upcoming footballers i know always put their 100% mind to the major competition, throwing and ditching the friendly matches aside. Some players boycott the friendlies which isn’t a good sign for upcoming football stars. Take all football matches serious and get acquainted to all football pitches you have visited.

4. Enroll in football academy

Now, many of our footballers got picked from football academies like Pepsi Academy, Real Madrid Academy and so on but you and your talent were no where to be found. Football is not just about talent, create awareness for yourself so that football scouts can be able to find and pick you. There are so many football academies you can register online and improve your footballing talents.

5. Good relationship with coaches and players

It is not just your team or your team coach you want to have a good relationship with. Create good relationship with your opponent coach and some of the footballers from other teams. Getting a good relationship with footballers and coaches in your town is a major step you would like to take if you think about taking football as a profession.

6. Participate in all major competitions in your community

This is it!! scouts from various part of the world are watching you. Showcase your talent and play the football like it’s your last game on earth. Enjoy and show every passion when playing football. Avoid rudeness to the game officials and show what you can do because this is your selling point. You might even get lucky to represent the country in Junior major competitions and even get signed by European top football club.

7. Using social media as a tool

This is what you want to do, playing football for a living but that is not enough if you don’t get your skills known to people in the world. Record yourself playing football, upload it on Youtube, Instagram and even Facebook. Someone on social media might want to recommend you to a scout and most of the signings we have these days comes from social media.

8. Go for screenings

Upcoming footballers are always known to hide themselves when it comes to screening when called upon for a competition. Make sure to attend all screenings and football related auditions you come across.


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