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Trump’s “calling witnesses” poll at the impeachment trial to be cleared on Wednesday



Trump's "calling witnesses" poll at the impeachment trial to be cleared on Wednesday

Trump’s “calling witnesses” poll at the impeachment trial to be cleared on Wednesday

US President, Donald Trump impeachment trial should be cleared next week wednesday by the senate after the senate members on Friday 31st January, 2020 voted 51-49 in favour of not calling witnesses to profess in the continuing impeachment trial.

The witnesses are wanted by the Democrats in the senate to confirm the House of Representative’s allegations led by Nancy Pelosi; obstruction of congress and abuse of power by stopping military help to Ukraine.

After an anticipated show on Friday, new matters were made known from John Bolton the former National Security Advisor insisting Trump told him to be of assistance on his pressured campaign on Ukraine, and that Pat Cipollone was in the room at that moment in time, senators was present in the Capitol for good four hours of argument on wheather or not to call witnesses.

Two Republican senators, Susan Collins and Mitt Romney also united with othe Democrats senators in their quest for witnesses but the numbers wasn’t enough for the Democrats as the Republicans had the greater poll of 51 who voted on “not calling witnesses” while other 49 Democrats senators voted in support of “calling witnesses”.

“Americans will know that this trial was not a real trial and a tragedy on a very large scale” according to Senator Chuck Schumer, a bona fide Democrats, shortly after the “calling witnesses” polls went against their favour. 

A last vote on Trump’s clearing will now hold on Wednesday 5th February, 2020 at exactly 4pm which will come shortly after the President’s State of Union address.

Mitt Romney and Susan Collins from the Republican voted “ay” each which means they both want to hear from Bolton while two other key Republicans, Lamar Alexander and Lisa Murkowski voted against hearing from Bolton.

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